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In the vending machine – theme of loss
Iceland Cozies
Quantity: 20
On the first day of my vacation in iceland I bought Icelandic black wool, It was to be my creative journey to crochet a representation of the night sky but also my endeavour to see the northern lights. As I crocheted my night skies, I began to notice similar shapes in the landscape. In particular lava rocks and cairns, that represent the loss of homes and/or life. I never did see the northern lights but reflecting on all that I did see, these cozies with their light inside will suffice. Enjoy!
In the vending machine – theme of colouring
Quantity: 30
Ironically as a visual artist, colouring has always brought me comfort and a needed break from the creative process. Marrying this activity with my fascination with discontinued upholstery fabric patterns and the work the artist went into making them is the result of these “colour-on-couch” pieces. These are a fusion of nostalgia and comfort, resurrecting a bygone association of plusshness and relaxation. I encourage you to relax on your couch and JUST colour.