Community Work – In the time of COVID 19

Thank you for your curiosity – Infected by Art

“Infected by Art” is a project that combines a pared-down graphic of the Sars-CoV-2 virus with a QR code reader. From a distance, people use their cellphones to read the code in the graphic, and are directed to (aka infected by) the website of an art gallery. Once they are “compromised”, they wander through the art on display and develop a fever for more art, which is fed by more QR codes directing them to other galleries.  The individual is infected by art .. and the galleries receive the viewers they need to survive at a time when they are struggling to reach the public. 

“Infected by Art” posters can be located on telephone poles, in bus shelters, on windows of shuttered libraries, in grocery, hardware and garden stores, in short, safely integrated into the streetscape of our lives. The posters can also be photographed and sent by text from one person to another, creating yet another vector of aesthetic infection.

“Infected by Art”  subverts the dangerous and negative elements of  Sars-CoV-2 to bring beauty & passion into the lives of people who may not otherwise venture into the world of art.  It is an infection which is beneficial, perhaps sublime.

If you would like an “Infected by Art” graphic for your gallery please email me.


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